Overlapping the routes of the Hugo de Grootschool students

12 05 2010
This is the map that came from overlapping the routes the students usually follow.We also asked them to indicate in green the places they like, where they feel safe and they prefer to go and in red the places that they don’t find beautiful or attractive. Most students find comfort in their house and like the park, eventhough not many go there often. Maashaven is concidered by many not a nice area. The school is probably the place which creates the most mixed feelings!
Overlapping of students' routes and indicating good and bad places
Overlapping of students’ routes and indicating good and bad places

workshop steps

8 02 2010


1.       the written text

People are invited to describe their everyday movements in a small piece of text.

The purpose of this step is to help people organize their thoughts over their life in Charlois. Writing is a familiar way for most people to organize their thoughts and it also provides to us extra help in re-reading the sketches of the mental maps.

2.       the mental map

Participants are requested to draw their mental map of Charlois. This includes places they have mentioned in the previous exercise, their house, their ordinary movements, places they visit regularly and places they consider to have an important character for the image of the neighborhood.

3.       the actual map

People are required to transfer the elements mentioned on their mental maps on the actual map of Charlois [or Rotterdam]. They have to locate their house and to trace the routes they are following in their everyday movements, the places they are visiting on a regular basis.

4.       Oud Charlois outline

The participants are asked to outline what they feel as the boundaries of Oud Charlois.