Mental Charlois at Hugo de Grootschool

27 04 2010

In March 2010 we were requisted by the Historisch Museum of Rotterdam [] to collaborate with the Mental Charlois Project for their research project “The Town as Muse”.

Students of the Hugo de Grootschool, in Charlois, divided in two groups and lead by their teacher Lidwine Loorbach, participated to the Mental Charlois workshop, giving completely different and unexpected results compared to the last time.

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Exhibition in W_lf_rt Project Space

11 04 2010

The results of the first workshop took place at W_lf_rt Project Space [] the 19th of July 2008.

People could see their drawings framed, hanging in the exhibition space. The overlapping of their routes and the new Charlois outline were also presented in that occassion.


workshop pictures

31 03 2010

Here you can see some pictures of our first Mental Charlois workshop in t’Ot’je the garden in the artist’s block in Struitenweg.

It was a beautiful summer day and everybody seemed to have a good time during the workshop. The atmosphere was great for the participants to come together, discuss and enjoy the workshop

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Oud Charlois outline map

10 03 2010

Participants were asked to outline what they think Oud Charlois is. Most of the results circled the area around the Oude Kerk. Some included the Waalhaven and some went as far as the Maashaven. The overlapping of all imaginary limits create a new map of Oud Charlois.

oud charlois outline produced by the overlapping of individual perceptions

overlapping the routes

28 02 2010

overlapping the individual routes of the participants of Mental Charlois

Even though this seemed to be the most technical step of the whole process, it revealed the differences in the way people move and direct themselves. The busiest areas of Charlois stick out and a strong relation to the center becomes prominent. Looking at the drawing as a pure pattern is very fascinating.

movement patterns produced by overlapping the individual routes of the Mental Charlois participants

the Mental Maps

15 02 2010

mental map by Annemarie Piscaer

Mental map by Annemarie Piscaer

charlois mental map by Boris Pas

Mental map by Boris Pas

Charlois mental map by Done Boyuk Tekin

Mental map by Done Boyuk Tekin

charlois map by Gerard Jurgens

Mental map by Gerard Jurgens

charlois mental map by Lisa Overmann

Mental map by Lisa Overmann

mental map by Rikke Korswager

Mental map by Rikke Korswagen

Mental map by Tjeerd van Waijenburg 

Mental map by Friederike Mainka

mental map by kamiel verschuren

Mental map by Kamiel Verschuren

Mental map by Martijn in ‘t Velt

Mental map by Samuli Schielke

charlois mental map by Yu Kuramoto

Mental map by Yu Kuramoto

charlois mental map by cristina ampatzidou

Mental map by Cristina Ampatzidou

wat mensen gezegd over Charlois

15 02 2010

participants filling in the questionaire