Who we are

Giuseppe Licari is an artist living and working in Rotterdam, NL. His social and public work is focused in the alteration of space by interventions of different scale and the reaction or participation of the audience, which is always of central interest in his installations.

Visit Spaghetti Forever, another project run by Giuseppe Licari here or check the rest of Giuseppe’s projects in his website.

Cristina Ampatzidou is an architect and urbanist, living and working in Rotterdam, NL. She is interested in the ways people perceive and project space and has been involved in various international projects addressing the issue of perception of urban surroundings, sensorial design and bottom up design solutions.

You can also check other works of Cristina Ampatzidou at her website


One response

25 02 2010

Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for comment on my blog. You guys’ve set up a nice blog yourselves here. Mental Charlois day was indeed a fun day. I definitely hope you guys continue to repeat similar projects over and over again in the future.

It would be a blast to bump into you guys again, but I’m nowhere near NL now. I’m kicking it back in Cairo. Possible plans to hop around elsewhere but as of yet unconfirmed, but let’s be sure to keep in touch 🙂

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