Mental Charlois at W_lf_rt Project Space

17 12 2010

Here are some images from our last public Mental Charlois workshop at W_lf_rt Project Space.


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short workshop in Veldacademie

27 05 2010

In the framework of our exhibition of the results of the Mental Charlois workshop with the students of the Hugo de Grootschool we organised a short Mental Charlois workshop with participants the visitors of the exhibition.

We managed to concentrate a good amount of new maps from a random sample of people living in Oud Charlois. Attending an exhibition and participating at a mini-workshop was an interesting way to generate a discussion about out working method and the procedure of mental mapping in general.

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exhibition in Veldacademie

20 05 2010

The results of the workshop with the students of the Hugo de  Grootschool were exhibited in Veldacademie, a research laboratory of  the faculty of Architecture of TU Delft in Oud Charlois. Participants of the workshop were happy to see their creations on the wall and a lot of people from the neighborhoud passed by to see the results.

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what students said over Charlois

8 05 2010

 “Actually I like to stay in my bedroom.”


 “Als het in de avond is, is het nergens heel veilig in Feijenoord. Maar omdat ik er al 16 jaar woon ben ik het wel gewend.”


  “Ik voel me overal veilig.”


 “Zuiderpark is wel een leuke, rustige plek om een leuke tijd door te brengen. Maar Pendrecht is best onveilig door de hangjongeren.”


 “I feel comfortable going to farms because I feel peace when I’m there. I also like going to the playground of the children. I like looking at them when they play.”


  “Mijn buurt is niet heel fijn, je hebt daar veel drugscafés en het is gevaarlijk daar. De buurt van mijn vriendin is rustig en fijn.”


  “Op Zuidplein ga ik vaak naar McDonald’s om te eten. Ik zwem ook vaak in Tropicana.”


 “My neighborhood is so cool but near the station Zalmplaats it’s not cool because people make so much noise from the morning till night. But if you walk much further then you feel the silence and see the beauty of Ruisvoornpad.”


 “Op vrijdagen/zondagen bezoek ik (islamitische) lezingen. Ook ga ik wel eens naar de moskee.”


  “De Oliphant, het is daar lekker rustig en daar komt bijna niemand. Het is lekker rustgevend.”


Mental Charlois at Hugo de Grootschool

27 04 2010

In March 2010 we were requisted by the Historisch Museum of Rotterdam [] to collaborate with the Mental Charlois Project for their research project “The Town as Muse”.

Students of the Hugo de Grootschool, in Charlois, divided in two groups and lead by their teacher Lidwine Loorbach, participated to the Mental Charlois workshop, giving completely different and unexpected results compared to the last time.

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Exhibition in W_lf_rt Project Space

11 04 2010

The results of the first workshop took place at W_lf_rt Project Space [] the 19th of July 2008.

People could see their drawings framed, hanging in the exhibition space. The overlapping of their routes and the new Charlois outline were also presented in that occassion.


workshop pictures

31 03 2010

Here you can see some pictures of our first Mental Charlois workshop in t’Ot’je the garden in the artist’s block in Struitenweg.

It was a beautiful summer day and everybody seemed to have a good time during the workshop. The atmosphere was great for the participants to come together, discuss and enjoy the workshop

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