the Mental Maps

15 02 2010

mental map by Annemarie Piscaer

Mental map by Annemarie Piscaer

charlois mental map by Boris Pas

Mental map by Boris Pas

Charlois mental map by Done Boyuk Tekin

Mental map by Done Boyuk Tekin

charlois map by Gerard Jurgens

Mental map by Gerard Jurgens

charlois mental map by Lisa Overmann

Mental map by Lisa Overmann

mental map by Rikke Korswager

Mental map by Rikke Korswagen

Mental map by Tjeerd van Waijenburg 

Mental map by Friederike Mainka

mental map by kamiel verschuren

Mental map by Kamiel Verschuren

Mental map by Martijn in ‘t Velt

Mental map by Samuli Schielke

charlois mental map by Yu Kuramoto

Mental map by Yu Kuramoto

charlois mental map by cristina ampatzidou

Mental map by Cristina Ampatzidou




One response

30 10 2010
Roy Silos

This is what we need. People first and not designers. My compliments.
We from CrossBorderRelations Networks gathers these inspiring best practices world wide and valorise the lessons we’ve learned. Our Education system has to change by substitute the current copy paste education concepts by social development education concepts focusing on personal and social entrepreneurship. Mentalcharlois is a inspiring example of this kind of education.
Please continue with these blessed project. I’ve made a note on twitter.

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