people wrote about Charlois…

8 02 2010

participant wirtting down his opinion on Charlois

and so many birds! Even those little parrots – like in Dusseldorf [my home].

Friederike Mainka

There are many artists in Charlois. This is not visible to the outside [for example neither B.a.d. nor Studio Pompstraat look like something interesting from the outside]. But this becomes visible by the people walking on the street. They reveal a sense of fashion and artistic quality in their clothing.

Annemarie Piscaer

The tunnel is the best entrance to Charlois, by bike or walking, and then you come out of the long staircase and there is the open view to the North skyline, because there is so much openess there. It is always very windy, on the rough side.

The Waalhaven, stroll around the harbour area. See the industrial businesses [there is a nice wood shop] a little strange car garage [I wouldn’t buy a car there] boat equipment [large chains etc] the metal scrap yard [there are always guys with a lot of scrap, waiting to sell them].

Thijs Ewalts

There are a lot of really ugly places combined with some beautiful ones. There’s almost nothing in between these two extremes, even though there is a lot of “in between space”.

It is remarkably clean in Charlois when it comes to graffiti. In suburbia, I ‘m sure there are more.

Rikke Korswagen

Charlois starts in Maastunnel. On my left there is the huge chimney of the garbage factory and on the right a grass field, where on Sundays middle aged men drink beer, half naked, after a football game.

important places:

the metal box with the ultra sound, located on the corner of Clemenstraat, just before MCD.

Katita Chrysanthopoulou

Netto market is very relevant to me because it is the first supermarket I discovered when I came here.

I feel this neighbourhood is like what luxurious resorts try to be, but they usually end up very pathetic and fake. There are many green spaces, people are well mannered and kids are outside, playing on the streets.





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